Worthy Protein Origin Story


All products start with the co-founders. Good products, however, start with passionate co-founders. But amazing products? They are created when the co-founders are their own clients. Well, here is the story of Worthy Protein’s co-founders.



First, George. This guy’s a gym junkie. One of the things he struggles with is getting his hand on a good vegan protein, which he finds absolutely lacking in Southeast Asia. It’s always either too low in protein or too expensive. That’s why for him Worthy Plant-based Protein must have a good balance of 20+ g of protein at a reasonable price. And to be friendly for gym-goers, BCAA and MCT oil are added for higher effectiveness.



Then there is Belle. As soon as George mentioned he wanted to design a new type of Plant based Protein, she was all for it. On one condition: it has to be tasty. Belle, like George, cannot find plant-based protein that tastes…well, good. Working in New York, the largest market for plant-based protein, it’s still the one thing she often has to compromise. And she’s tired of that.



Finally, Tian. Unlike Belle and George, Tian isn’t as interested in protein. But he has a pretty busy lifestyle managing multiple projects as a freelancer and entrepreneur. That’s why he wants to add an extra dimension to the protein mix, and make it nutritious enough he can take as his breakfast or between meetings. His condition: it must be easy to make. These are the reasons Worthy Protein includes multivitamins and mineral mix. It’s also designed to be easily dissolved.


Of course, it was hard to jumble all these requirements into one single product. Especially getting the right taste. Trust us. It’s not easy to get that rich, creamy texture in a plant-based protein. But after months of trials and errors, and an unwillingness to compromise, they went on to develop a protein mix recipe that fulfill all of their demands. They did not stop until they had a product they can proudly say “Shaker Lickin’ Good”.


Because why make a product, if we’re just going to compromise? Life’s too short for that.